First Venom Trailer To Arrive With Black Panther


Well, isn’t this a nice surprise.

Sony’s upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Venom isn’t due out in theaters until October 5th, and to date, all we’ve really seen is one hugely underwhelming photo (plus a bunch of blurry set pics and videos), but it seems the studio is hoping to get the marketing campaign for the film off the ground very soon. And that’s because we’re learning tonight that the first trailer has now been rated and is expected to arrive this month.

More specifically, Trailer-Track believes we’ll be able to get our hands on it in about two weeks, just in time for it to play alongside Black Panther in theaters. For the record, the Ryan Coogler-directed pic opens February 16th, which is a Friday. So, it stands to reason then that the Venom preview could slither online a day or two before. Perhaps it’ll even compete with Deadpool 2 and debut on the 14th? Time will tell, but color us excited!

It’s worth mentioning that Sony has yet to comment on this, but it’d certainly makes sense. After all, the studio would be wise to begin the marketing campaign well in advance, as there’s a lot riding on Venom, given that it’ll be launching Sony’s own little Marvel universe – a universe that’s in no way connected to the MCU. Not yet, at least. Rumors continue to persist that Tom Holland will swing by for a cameo, but that hasn’t been confirmed and frankly, seems unlikely at this stage.

Speaking of the studio’s Marvel universe, other projects in the pipeline at Sony that will also inhabit it include a live-action rendition of Morbius, the Living Vampire and the female-fronted spinoff, Silver and Black, which is coming by way of Gina Prince-Bythewood. Together with Fleischer’s upcoming effort, they’ll kickstart the studio’s new franchise and it’ll be fascinating to see how it all takes shape over the next few years.

Venom has been earmarked for release on October 5th, at which point Tom Hardy will seemingly deliver a superhero performance for the ages. As for that trailer, we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything more on it.