Fish loving joke makes waves with Jason Momoa at ‘The Batman’ open

aquaman and the lost kingdom
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The Peacemaker tv series enjoyed some laughs at the expense of the bigger figures in the DCEU, and now Jason Momoa, asked about Aquaman and fish love at The Batman’s premiere, has demonstrated he’s a good sport.

For those unaware, the first season finale of the John Cena-led show’s first season on HBO Max features a late appearance from Momoa and other members of the Justice League, after a final battle has occurred. Cena’s annoyed antihero storms off the field, but not before telling Momoa to “f*ck another fish,” prompting Aquaman to share his disdain for the rumor with Ezra Miller’s Flash. evidently saw this, took the bait of the idea, put it on a question hook, and presented it to Momoa. He laughed, then appeared to walk away, but ultimately returned to the reporter to laud the question before continuing down the red carpet.

“Have a good one brother, that was a great question,” Momoa said while reaching out to bump the reporter’s fist.

The Twitter response to the humorous query has been mainly positive, as of this story being filed. Gunn did confirm they reached out to Momoa before Peacemaker even began to make sure he was fine with the gag, adding that the star was on-board from the beginning. The crack certainly harkens back to decades of the character being regarded as a joke, even by those unfamiliar with comics. Here’s hoping the cancelled, horror-tinged spinoff titled The Trench does not get resurrected as a more-adult work after Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom releases in December.

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