The Flash Admires Harley Quinn In New Justice League BTS Photo


Poor Barry Allen. The man can’t quite seem to catch a break.

For starters, the Scarlet Speedster has significantly been affected by the departure of Zack Snyder. The Flash made his first appearance for the DCEU founding father in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice. Although it seemed trivial at the time, Snyder has revealed, over the past week or so, that the Knightmare sequence was meant to introduce the cosmic treadmill, and ultimately, Darkseid. No doubt a narrative in which Barry Allen would’ve been an integral part.

Next up, earlier this month rumours began to intensify regarding his solo film, Flashpoint. Supposedly, Warner Bros. has opted to ditch their adaptation of the beloved Geoff Johns comic book in favor of making a straight-up Flash movie. While this wasn’t the first time we’ve heard that WB might be scrapping the popular story arc, it doesn’t make it any less painful to lose.

Then, today, we catch Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) making doe-eyes at Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) on camera, behind the scenes of Justice League. I mean, could the Flash not have picked anyone else to go goo-goo over? Surely someone other than Mr. J’s main squeeze. I’m terrified of what the Joker will do to the Scarlet Speedster once he sees this tabloid-esque snapshot.

Anyway, should Barry survive the Clown Prince of Crime long enough to see his solo feature get made, the Flash revealed earlier this week which villain he’d like to face-off against on the big screen. Although, the baddie he chose probably isn’t the one you’re expecting.

Circling back to this new photo though from behind the scenes of Justice League, and be sure to let us know in the comments section if you think the Scarlet Speedster and Harley Quinn would make a cute couple.