The Flash Director Reveals First Look At Michael Keaton’s Batsuit

Batman Returns

Sure, it’s cool that The Flash movie is finally happening, likewise that the DCEU is introducing Supergirl (as played by Sasha Calle). And we can’t wait to see Ben Affleck’s Batman again. But arguably the most exciting thing about the incoming film is the fact that Michael Keaton is returning as his Dark Knight for the first time in what will be 30 years. We’ve still yet to get a glimpse of Keaton back in the role, but director Andy Muschietti has raised the hype even more with the latest set pic, which teases the return of the Burtonverse Batsuit.

Muschietti took to Instagram this Friday to share a thrilling close-up shot of the Bat-symbol on Keaton’s costume. Just like in the Burton movies, it takes the form of a bright yellow oval, employing the same design of the insignia as in 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns. But note the scuffs and scratches around the outside, teasing how much time has passed for Bruce Wayne since we last saw him. Most of all, the suit is stained with a splatter of blood, which seems to be a nod to the classic Watchmen image of the Comedian’s blood-stained button.

Check it out in the gallery below:

This visual easter egg might remind fans of The Button, a comic book crossover which sees the Flash and Batman discover the Comedian’s button in the Batcave, teasing the later DC/Watchmen event Doomsday Clock. It’s unlikely that The Flash will pull any plot elements from that comic, but it was another instance of the two heroes coming together over a multiversal incident, so it’s possible this is a deliberate nod to that arc. It also could be hinting that Keaton’s Batman has gone all Watchmen and become embittered and tough in his old age.

The Flash is shooting now in the UK and is due to race into theaters on November 4th, 2022. With any luck, Muschietti will keep on revealing more about Keaton’s Batman until we finally get to see him suited up again.