Here’s How The Flash’s Female Joker Could Look

Joker Dark Knight

The Snyder Cut of Justice League is all anyone can talk about right now. But there are some truly exciting rumors developing around The Flash that are worth paying attention to as well. After all, it’s looking like the film will adapt the famous Flashpoint story arc from the comic books.

In the miniseries, Flash runs fast enough to go back in time and prevent the murder of his mother. But as we’ve learned from every single time travel story ever – you don’t mess with the past. Sure, he gets his mom back, but he also loses his powers, and that’s not all. His meddling creates some interesting repercussions, like a world in which Bruce Wayne dies but his parents survive. Bruce’s father, Thomas Wayne, becomes Batman and in a delightfully macabre twist, his mother Martha becomes the Joker.

One fan decided to run with this recently, as artist SPDRMNKYXXIII created some awesome fan art that envisions Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as the Joker, and you can check it out down below.

The Flashpoint event features all kinds of cool deviations from the status quo and it’s easily among DC Comics’ best storylines. It’s even been adapted into an animated movie called Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox, so it’s totally within the realm of possibility to see it recreated for the big screen.

Of course, there are bound to be some major differences between the comic book and movie if it takes this route, but we’re sold on the idea based on the possibilities it opens up. With the Snyder Cut promising to expand and improve on the original Justice League, there might even be some grand time-traveling sequel saga in the works that’s tied in with The Flash.

With a planned release date of June 2022, it’s still too early to expect any major reveals for the film, but we might get some details during DC’s virtual event FanDome, which is scheduled for August 22nd, so stay tuned.