The DCEU’s Flash Movie Rumored To Be Very Comedic With Lower Stakes


One of the upcoming DCEU movies that’s undergone the most pre-production upheaval is The Flash, Ezra Miller’s first solo vehicle as the Scarlet Speedster. The project has burned through several directors already – from Phil Lord and Chris Miller to Rick Famuyiwa – but things recently seemed to settle down when Game Night‘s Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley signed up to write and helm.

We already knew that the pair had decided to do away with the touted Flashpoint adaptation and strip things back to focus on Barry Allen as a character, much like they did with Peter Parker in their Spider-Man: Homecoming script. And if you believe this post on the DCEU Leaks subreddit – which has been right many times in the past – we might now know some more juicy details about where the duo are taking the movie.

In short, the leak teases a “very comedic” film that will find roles for many fan favorite comic book characters. It even suggests one big name star who could appear. Check it out in full below:

  • Warner put FLASHPOINT on the backburner to focus on standalone movies, but it might still happen in the future.
  • John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are currently writing a new draft, which is said to be “very comedic” and with lower stakes, so no time travel, alternate realities, end of the world, etc.
  • The Rogues are slated to be the villains. Right now the line-up is Captain Cold, Mirror Master and Weather Wizard, but that’s subject to change.
  • Jay Garrick will be featured in a “mentor role”. No word on whether he’ll be a speedster in it.
  • Kiersey Clemons and Billy Crudup still set to appear alongside Ezra Miller. Although they’re not casting phase yet, WB reportedly wants an A-lister for Jay Garrick (think Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise), while Daley & Goldstein are looking at actors with dramatic and comedic chops for the Rogues.
  • Channing Tatum is a favorite for Captain Cold, and he’s been on WB’s radar ever since Phil Lord & Chris Miller were involved with the project, but there have been no formal talks.
  • WB eyeing 2020 release date. Strong possibility of it being released in November/December like AQUAMAN and WONDER WOMAN 2.

While the fact that The Flash apparently won’t involve “time travel” or “alternate realities” at all and will deal with “lower stakes” than the Flashpoint movie would have might disappoint some fans, it’s worth remembering that previous DCEU entries have proven that “less = more” for this franchise.

On the other hand, folks will be pleased by the fact that Captain Cold, Weather Wizard and Mirror Master will appear as the villains, alongside Jay Garrick in a “mentor” role. Even if he isn’t a speedster, it’s nice that the first Flash is being honored in the film.

Finally, the most intriguing detail here is that Channing Tatum could be playing Leonard Snart. Presuming that Fox never gets going on that Gambit solo pic, Tatum could well jump ship to the DC universe. Still, the leak does say that there’ve been “no formal talks” as yet, so we shouldn’t get too excited.

Either way, it sounds like The Flash could be with us as soon as 2020 – sure, it was originally planned for 2018, but at least it’s getting somewhere now – and we’d look for it to land in November/December of that year, much like Wonder Woman 2 and Aquaman

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