Watch: The Flash Set Video Reveals The DCEU’s Supergirl Taking To The Skies


As The Flash continues filming in the UK, the production crew has taken to the streets of London, which is doubling up as the hometown of Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen, Central City. The good news is that this location shooting is starting to give us our first glimpses of the cast in costume. For instance, a new set video has surfaced on social media that showcases DCEU newcomer Sasha Calle taking to the skies as Supergirl.

Well, not literally. The short clip captures Calle in the middle of performing a stunt which sees her hanging in the air. Due to this recording being taken from such a distance, it’s hard to make out the full costume, but it gives us enough to work with for now.

First of all, the video confirms that the actress will not be sporting Kara Zor-El’s usual long blonde locks and is instead rocking a short dark-haired cut for the role. This is a unique appearance for Kal-El’s cousin, although the haircut’s a close match to the Cir-El version of Supergirl from the comics. This character’s a pretty complex one, though – coming from a dystopian future, she claimed to be Clark and Lois’ daughter – so it’s unclear if The Flash is actually adapting her for the screen or if they’re just borrowing her look.

Calle isn’t wearing a cape in this video, either, but it’s too early to say whether she doesn’t have one in the film or if this just means it will be added in with CGI in post-production. What we can see is the red around her collar and shoulders, which was previously teased by director Andy Muschietti in a sneak peek photo he shared to Instagram earlier this week.

Now that this video has debuted, keep an eye out for clearer images of Calle’s Supergirl materializing as The Flash continues filming.