New Flash Theory Suggests Ben Affleck’s Batman Will Die


Earlier this month, we learned the news that Ben Affleck is not done with the DCEU yet and he’s set to don the cape and cowl once more in The Flash movie. That means there will be two different Dark Knights in the Scarlet Speedster’s solo outing, along with Michael Keaton. Unlike Keaton, though, who’s believed to have signed up for multiple more appearances, reports say there are no current plans for Affleck to come back again after this.

So, does this mean we can infer that The Flash will see the DCEU’s original Bruce Wayne meet his end? That’s what this theory suggested by ScreenRant ponders. Obviously, we have no idea how this could actually come about in the film itself, but SR points out that there are so many benefits to killing off Batfleck – from Warner Bros.’ point of view, of course, not for the many fans out there who’d love to see him stick around.

First of all, with so many Batmen running around, killing off Affleck’s version would make it clear to audiences that the main Batman is Robert Pattinson going forward. The death of Bruce could also be a key event in the Flash’s hero’s journey, as director Andy Muschietti has said that the pair will bond in his movie over the shared loss of their mothers. We know Barry Allen looks up to the billionaire from Justice League and if their mentor-student relationship is strengthened in The Flash, Bruce’s death could have a huge impact on the younger hero, similar to Marvel’s Iron Man/Spider-Man dynamic.

What’s more, having Batfleck meet his end would be a perfect way to wrap up his arc across the DCEU, rather than have him just stop showing up in the franchise. Zack Snyder has said before that he planned to kill off Batman in one of his Justice League sequels, as a way to conclude his story that began in Batman V Superman, so Muschietti would only be realizing something the creator of this version of the character originally planned.

Tell us, though, should Ben Affleck’s Batman die in The Flash? Have your say in the comments section.