Flashpoint Will Have Ties To Shazam!


For reasons unknown, Warner Bros. has been having one hell of a hard time getting The Flash – now called Flashpoint – off the ground. It’s lost two directors since being announced and is still without someone at the helm. Not to mention it also doesn’t have a release date to call its own yet. Suffice it to say, it’s been a very rocky road.

That being said, over the past few months there have been some promising signs of progress, after Matthew Vaughn (Kingsman: The Golden Circle) Sam Raimi, and VFX whizkid Robert Zemeckis all became linked with the troubled standalone pic. Still no word on whether Warner Bros. has reached a final decision – mind you, Raimi has reportedly bowed out of the race due to issues with scheduling – but the latest report to tumble off the rumor mill suggests that the film could have some ties to none other than David F. Sandberg’s Shazam!, which is now in the casting process.

That’s according to Moviehole, who tell us that Flashpoint will “have an effect” on Billy Batson’s solo outing, in addition to other films in the franchise – though they don’t know to what extent. The outlet does note, however, that the Scarlet Speedster’s actions will “slightly modify” a new crop of DC movies. Again, there weren’t any further details given and seeing as how both Shazam! and Flashpoint are still so far away, it’s impossible to say how they may connect.

Still, it’s clear that the latter pic is going to be a hugely important one for the DCEU and though it’s still without a director, we imagine that things will start to come together pretty quickly now seeing as how it’ll effect future outings in Warner Bros.’ burgeoning cinematic universe. Perhaps more will become clear once Justice League arrives later this year?

Either way, we will, as always, let you know when we hear of anything more on this. In the meantime, tell us, how do you think Flashpoint might connect to David F. Sandberg’s upcoming pic? Take to the comments section and let us know!

Source: Moviehole

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