A Forgotten Charlize Theron Flop Is Now Streaming For Free

Charlize Theron

As an Academy Award winning actress who also happens to moonlight as one of Hollywood’s most popular action stars, Charlize Theron has more than proven herself capable of headlining both prestige dramas and explosive genre films, and she’s experienced huge success in both wildly different realms.

You can’t argue with the credentials of someone who took top billing in the modern classic Mad Max: Fury Road, Netflix smash hit The Old Guard and David Leitch’s bone-crunching Atomic Blonde, and that’s without even mentioning Theron’s presence as part of the Fast & Furious franchise’s sprawling ensemble.

aeon flux

However, not every one of her action-orientated efforts has been a slam dunk, and one of the very worst is now streaming for free. Adapted from the cult favorite animated series of the same name, Aeon Flux looked to stand a decent chance of success given the popularity of the source material, Charlize Theron‘s track record, the presence of rising directorial star Karyn Kusama behind the camera and a cast that even boasted Frances McDormand in a substantial supporting role.

Unfortunately, however, it was awful. The movie was savaged by critics and could only muster a 9% score on Rotten Tomatoes, while it flopped at the box office after failing to recoup the $65 million budget. The dire effort must not have found much of an audience since being added to Hulu last September, either, because it’s now streaming for free on YouTube Movies. Nobody had much interest in seeing it the first time around, though, so it’s difficult to imagine a lot of people tuning in to watch an ad-supported version, even if the muddled and disjointed narrative wraps itself up in just a shade over 90 minutes.