A Forgotten Dave Bautista Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today

Dave Bautista

Out of Hollywood’s three former professional wrestlers that decided to step away from the squared circle and focus on the silver screen, Dave Bautista is arguably the best actor, as well as the most interesting in terms of the roles he chooses.

Dwayne Johnson might be the biggest and highest-paid star in Hollywood with charisma for days, but he’s become averse to taking any sort of risks, and can be found almost exclusively in big budget blockbusters where he plays variations of the same character over and over again.

John Cena, meanwhile, is an underrated comic talent, but he too is happy to split his time between action-orientated fare like Fast & Furious 9 and The Suicide Squad and standard studio comedies such as Playing with Fire and Blockers without testing himself in more dramatic territory. Of course, Bautista is still part of the most popular franchise on the planet and isn’t above lending his talents to B-level shoot em’ ups, but he’s shown a vulnerable side and surprising depth in movies such as Bushwick, Blade Runner 2049, Hotel Artemis and next year’s Dune.

One of the 51 year-old’s lesser efforts is currently dominating Netflix, though, and because Marauders is a low budget, derivative and completely uninspired action thriller, Bruce Willis is also unsurprisingly involved. The heist flick is currently the second most-watched title on the streaming service in the United States, continuing the bizarre trend of Willis’ descent into VOD mediocrity proving inexplicably popular with subscribers.

Marauders is the sort of thing that you put on in the background when you know full well you’re just going to be looking at your phone anyway, and even then, you still won’t miss much.