A Forgotten Hugh Jackman Film Has Been Dominating Netflix All Week

Hugh Jackman

Netflix has been gaining something of a reputation recently as a place where overlooked, underrated or forgotten movies find a fresh lease of life and gain a whole new audience. Over the last few months, a raft of surprising titles have dominated the streaming service’s Top 10 most-watched list, proving that you can never truly guess what subscribers are in the mood for on any given day.

Enola Holmes may be capturing the imagination as it continues to break records, and could very well be set to dethrone Chris Hemsworth’s Extraction as Netflix’s most popular original movie ever, but Hugh Jackman’s Real Steel has also been quietly posting a strong showing ever since it was added to the content library last week.

Real Steel

Real Steel looked like it had built-in franchise potential when it first hit theaters back in 2011, and while a box office haul of $299 million is hardly a disaster, it didn’t post the kind of numbers the studio were expecting from a $110 million blockbuster that starred the X-Men’s Wolverine in the lead role and hailed from the director of the Night at the Museum series, the first two installments of which had raked in a combined total of close to a billion dollars.

Almost a decade later, though, and Real Steel has finally found the audience it was initially looking for, as the movie has remained within the top few spots on Netflix‘s most-watched list for just about a week now, currently sitting in third place. In fact, if it wasn’t for Sherlock’s kid sister, then it might even stand a chance of becoming the most popular title on the entire platform, which is an impressive showing for a so-so sci-fi sports flick that most people had completely forgotten about until a week ago.