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Netflix Just Added A Very Underrated Hugh Jackman Movie

If you're a fan of Hugh Jackman, you're going to want to check out the movie that just landed on Netflix today.

You’re probably already loaded up on films to watch on Netflix in September, as it’s been one hell of a month for the streaming giant. From a massive collection of classic flicks to a host of brand new Netflix Originals, there’s truly no shortage of content to dig into right now. But you may want to wait on watching a few of those so that you can make room for a new addition packing a lot of punch and even more heart.

The often forgotten Hugh Jackman film Real Steel has just arrived on the platform, promising two hours of unexpectedly emotional storytelling wrapped up in a sci-fi sports drama. The pic takes place during a time when traditional boxing has been replaced by giant robot fights, making for quite the lucrative career for some of the sport’s high-end robot owners.

When one promoter finds himself down on his luck, he reluctantly discovers a new partner in his young estranged son, and they work together to rebuild a championship-ready robot. In the process, he’s faced with his failures as a man and a father and offered a path that could lead to his redemption.

If you’re looking for equal parts heartfelt family drama and action-packed sci-fi fun, you can’t go wrong with Real Steel. Hugh Jackman turns in a solid performance and the movie’s stellar visual effects are still a sight to behold, making it a feel-good flick for the whole family that’s well worth revisiting even for those who may’ve already seen it before.

Real Steel

But if Real Steel isn’t quite your jam, rest assured there are plenty of other incredible films on Netflix right now. Psychological thriller The Devil All the Time has been garnering a lot of praise for its stellar cast and direction, while the unconventional horror I’m Thinking of Ending Things has left viewers with much to talk about. Meanwhile, nostalgia seekers can always relax with the Back to the Future trilogy or some beloved comedies like Pineapple Express, Coneheads¬†and Not Another Teen Movie.

Of course, you can head over here as well and check out some of the other stuff that Netflix has added in September if you’re still looking for more. There’s bound to be something that tickles your fancy during a month with so many wonderful new additions.

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