A Forgotten Vin Diesel Movie Is Dominating Netflix Today


To paraphrase The Terminator, Vin Diesel will not stop, ever, until every single movie he stars in launches a franchise.

Not content with playing Dominic Toretto nine times across the length and breadth of the Fast and Furious series, starring as Riddick in three feature films, one animated short and two video games, returning to the XXX world after fifteen years and voicing Groot in four Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbusters, as well as a cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet, the bald-headed action hero has also been working on a sequel to The Last Witch Hunter.

The first entry was hardly a roaring success, failing to even crack the $150 million mark at the global box office despite the leading man’s worldwide appeal, and the relatively hefty $90 million budget meant that even if The Last Witch Hunter managed to turn a profit, the margins would have been razor thin.

The Last Witch Hunter

It didn’t help that the movie wasn’t very good, either, and saw Diesel grunting and mumbling his way through an effects-heavy fantasy flick that features one-dimensional characters, awful dialogue, hilariously inconsistent CGI and a very random cast that included Elijah Wood, Game of Thrones‘ Rose Leslie, Preacher‘s Joseph Gilgun and even Michael Caine.

Vin Diesel had been writing the script for a potential follow-up during his extended break from acting at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic, when he wasn’t working on his bizarre musical detour of course, and the 53 year-old will surely be thrilled to discover that The Last Witch Hunter is the eighth most popular film on Netflix around the world today. Although, that’s presumably only because we’re less than three weeks away from Halloween and it has the word ‘witch’ in the title.

Source: FlixPatrol

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