A Forgotten Zac Efron Movie Just Hit Netflix Today

Zac Efron

Though he’s made a considerable effort in recent years to distance himself from the type of movies he used to make, it’s hard to ignore the fact that Zac Efron built most of his career on light-hearted comedic fare or romantic dramas where he wasn’t given much to do aside from standing there and showing off his impossibly good looks.

His 2010 film, Charlie St. Cloud is one of those early efforts and it’s just hit Netflix today, giving the actor’s fans a chance to revisit it while allowing those who may’ve totally missed it the opportunity to check it out. Though not one of his better films, the romantic drama follows a young sailor whose brother dies in a fatal accident, leaving him stricken with guilt and grief.

A shallow script and corny dialogue ultimately keep it from being anything special, but Efron gives it his all in Charlie St. Cloud and over the years, it’s built up a bit of a cult following. Again, it’s not the actor’s best work, but it did tease his potential to break out of the roles he’d been stuck in for so long and really flex his acting muscles.

Charlie St. Cloud

And he’s certainly gotten a chance to do that in the years since Charlie St. Cloud. Indeed, Efron has proven himself an impressive talent lately. I mean, just watch Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile and you’ll see what he’s capable of. And with fans now pushing for him to land a role in the DCEU or MCU, it seems his star is only about to get bigger.

But circling back to Charlie St. Cloud, and the often forgotten Zac Efron pic is now on Netflix, so be sure to give it a watch if you count yourself a fan of his and once you do, drop a comment down below letting us know what you thought of it. As bad as the critics said? Or does it have some redeeming qualities? Sound off in the usual place.