First Four-Star Review Of The Amazing Spider-Man Posted Online

UPDATE: You can now read We Got This Covered’s official review of The Amazing Spider-Manwhich is also extremely positive! Take a look!

The Amazing Spider-Man may still be weeks out from its release, but thanks to the very first review (posted on a Belgian website) we not only get a sense that the film is in fact very good, but that there is a post-credits scene with hints towards a sequel.

While the review reveals little about the greater premise, the setup is apparently just what we would expect: young man gets super powers, struggles with his superhero status and must battle evil. The reviewer does note the reboot is better than Sam Raimi’s in its attempts to tell the story of Spider-Man and even goes so far as to compare it to The Avengers, in a sense of its crisp execution.

In addition to Emma Stone and the general ensemble cast, the lucky Belgian also praises Andrew Garfield’s performance in the title role, and his ability to juggle drama, comedy and action.

In fact, there was really only one big critique to be found and that was in regard to The Lizard, with the reviewer stating he had concerns about the quality of the special effects used to create the scaly villain. “Fake” and “lame” were the terms used.

The last (and perhaps juiciest) tidbit we got was in regards to a post-credits sequence, the content of which I’ve highlighted in the full (choppily translated) review below.

The Amazing Spider-Man is will swing into theaters July 3.

Spoilers to follow.

Many people have read the comic, more people have seen the Spider-Man trilogy, and just about everyone knows the story of Peter Parker. It is therefore not a breeze to yet to come out of the corner innovative. But director Marc Webb (500 Days of Summer) is still managed a superb The Amazing Spider-Man (2012) to create a good balance between action and drama. Spider-Man = Amazing, surpasses easily the last Spider- Man film, and should certainly not inferior to The Avengers (2012) . Marvel late this summer, not much stabbing attack.

Summary: Peter Parker ( Andrew Garfield ) is a young high school student who is very satisfied with his Uncle Ben ( Martin Sheen ) and Aunt May ( Sally Field ) lives. The teenager is struggling with both his contemporary human problems with his amazing superhuman powers. When he faced with his greatest nemesis, “The Lizard” ( Rhys Ifans ), he will need all his powers to call upon to fight evil.

I remember my many frustrations at seeing the first Spider-Man (2002) movie, which is still one of the better comic book adaptations was. The Green Goblin outfit I did not work, the casting of Kirsten Dunst was a mistake, the dialogues were cheesy, the visual effects were variable, but it now has little precedent Sam Raimi fully with the excellent Spider-Man 2 (2004) . In comparison, The Amazing Spider-Man an instant hit and weigh the downsides absolutely not opposed to quality, both in terms of action and on the narrative level.

The biggest plus to this print is the casting. Andrew Garfield is the perfect Peter Parker. He has the gift to us both in emotion and bring us up to laugh. He is slim, yet muscular, he possesses both a fragile and a dark side. He is awkward in his interaction with other people (especially girls), but has many other talents (he is wise and can be awfully good skateboarding). His action scenes are convincing and when the emotion becomes too great and the tears in his eyes pop feel that the emotion comes from the belly and not the makeup artist. Andrew Garfield does not look like a smooth cover boy, but I guarantee you he will steal many women’s hearts. But most important is that he carries the story completely, and this for 137 minutes.

Emma Stone, I knew from the beginning that they are the perfect Gwen Stacy would perform, and that she was. It took some getting used to her clothing at times a tad too comicy was with the bones and knee socks, but over time they disarm you with her irresistible gaze and her acting endearing game. While the women with groves will fall for the charms ofGarfield, I fall cast for Emma Stone.

In addition, all other supporting characters spot on. Ranging from Rhys Ifans, to Martin Sheen and Denis Leary. Many of these characters survive the ending credits, but the future is promising. Certainly stay in the building for after the credits you get a piece of film where we are with the dark side of Irrfan Khan. Speculations have been doing the rounds for a while that he would be the Green Goblin in the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) but nothing is yet confirmed.

The visual effects dominate in any case to the dominant acting game, that much is clear. That accusation can not actually make the address of Sam Raimi. The problem with his trilogy, and especially his last film, is that he sometimes got lost in lengthy exposition of the many characters. In this print diving are also a lot of characters, but Webb chose to take his camera close to Spider-Man to continue. Even so close that we can enjoy a breathtaking three point-of-view sequences. But the funniest scene in which Spider-Man makes a web with its web-shooters drains and like a spider waiting for its prey. That does Spidey wait too with a game on his smartphone.

And like the Sam Raimi films Webb attempts the comic very realistically translate to the big screen with a strong script by James Vanderbilt (Zodiac). Some of the changes work as well as the way Peter Parker on the idea comes from the Spider-Man outfit, but other things than work a lot better. The scene where the uncle’s life is now better connect with the story. The gangster who shot dead namely has a tattoo on his wrist and there’s Spider-Man looking through a large piece of the story. It also motivates his actions and we see him gradually evolve. Second, the scene where Peter Parker becomes aware of his super powers a masterpiece with a nod to the works of Charlie Chaplin. Everything takes place in a small subway car and the scene is to feast on. The physical humor that bring about changes in the subsequent scenes are perfectly timed and works pretty well as a whole.

The Amazing Spider-Man succeeds in an interesting and innovative mix between intelligent dialogues, humorous ideas, breathtaking action, moving drama and a focus on the humanity of the characters. But the general tone of the film still has a dark side. The humor in the film is both bound character (Spider-Man laughs quite happy with his opponents) and situational humor (at one point going Lizard and Spider-Man attacked each other in theschoolofPeter Parker. They fall into a classroom where we have a professor to see that only in the space of classical music is listening through his headphones. The room is short and small beaten by the two adversaries who each other are tackled from one corner to another. But the professor is aware of anything wrong and we heard on the soundtrack only the soft classical music).

But it’s not all roses in this $ 215 million reboot. So does the appearance of Lizard disappointing. Rhys Ifans is a great actor and his performance is nothing to criticize, but the 3D Lizard looks somewhat lame from, at times even too fake. It is a real improvement on the somewhat moronic Mask Green Goblin from the first Spider-Man movie, but this was much better. Especially when you behold the level of the film. Another downside is that there are little moments where you get chills. But Marc Webb is simply not Christopher Nolan and James Horner may still have a very talented composer, he is no Hans Zimmer or John Williams.

But let me be clear, I have fully enjoyed it and maybe even a bit more than in The Avengers. The pressure on the shoulders of Zack Snyder, the reboot of Superman to get ready, it must immense. The Avengers is the second comic book adaptation that makes an impression, and we will soon have The Dark Knight Rises presented. The Amazing Spider -Man is a hit and as the sequel to repair minor flaws do I guarantee that all fireworks other comic book adaptations could surpass. The film runs from July 4, 2012 in our rooms. Enjoy!