Fox To Push Ahead With Kingsman: The Secret Service Sequel


Buoyed by an impressive $400 million box office haul, Matthew Vaughn’s R-rated sleeper hit Kingsman: The Secret Service has today secured a sequel, with TheWrap confirming its existence via individuals working on the nascent follow-up.

In truth, a continuation has been on the cards for some time, with early reports suggesting that a new chapter in the spy series could take the action Stateside. Alas, it’s too early to tell what Fox has up its well-tailored sleeve in terms of plot, or whether Vaughn would return at the helm considering that the filmmaker is now attached to the Flash Gordon reboot.

Based on Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ eponymous comic book series, the graphical novel is yet to publish its second volume, and considering how lucrative The Secret Service proved to be earlier this year, it’s unlikely that Fox will wait around to long before pushing ahead with the sequel. So, in which direction could the follow-up head? Well, for one, Colin Firth is eyeing a return as Harry Hart in some shape or form, though it remains unclear whether Fox will make concessions to bring back the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Taron Egerton, too.

Mind you, the fact that Fox is yet to officially confirm this Kingsman: The Secret Service sequel sheds light on just how early it is in the development cycle. Only a few months have passed since the release of the original, and it’s likely the case that the studio will gauge the subversive spy thriller’s long-term appeal through the forthcoming Blu-Ray release before it commits to a full-length follow-up.

Source: TheWrap