Kingsman: The Secret Service Helmer Matthew Vaughn Circling Flash Gordon For Fox



Ever since the official word got out that a Flash Gordon reboot was indeed in the works over at 20th Century Fox, the studio has remained mum on the big-screen adaptation, with nary a rumor or casting snippet finding its way online. That radio silence has been interrupted today, however, after The Hollywood Reporter picked up that X-Men: Days of Future Past and Kingsman: The Secret Service helmer Matthew Vaughn has entered talks to direct the film.

Alex Raymond’s beloved character has been explored through a myriad of cultural products, but Fox’s adaptation is the first big-screen outing in quiet some time. Now, the artist himself is on board to produce the studio’s movie alongside George Nolfi, while script duties have been handed off to J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay, whose most recent credits include the in-development Star Trek 3.

Based on the blonde-haired comic strip character we know and love, Gordon’s colorful history stretches all the way back to 1934, and since then his impact on all things popular culture can’t be overstated, not to mention influencing a young, wide-eyed George Lucas before he set out to create a sci-fi universe of his own. A humble universe that goes by the name of Star Wars.

As for Flash Gordon, though, there’s no mention of a release date or official casting, but having Matthew Vaughn’s name tossed into the hat will certainly please fans of the reputable comic icon. Having directed the eccentric Kick-Ass and the wonderfully subversive Kingsman: The Secret Service, Vaughn could prove to the perfect match for Fox’s source material.

But what do you think of these negotiations? Indeed, do you believe Vaughn would be the right candidate to bring Flash Gordon to the silver screen once more?

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