Frank Grillo Says Crossbones Is A Man On A Mission In Captain America: Civil War


Frank Grillo’s Brock Rumlow (AKA Crossbones) may not have featured in the first teaser trailer for Captain America: Civil War, but don’t be fooled into thinking that the towering menace won’t still give our star-spangled hero a run for his money.

After surviving his life-threatening injuries at the tail-end of The Winter Solider, Grillo’s musclebound antagonist is out seeking vengeance in Joe and Anthony Russo’s threequel – and he’s got Chris Evans’ do-gooder firmly between his crosshairs.


That’s according to the man himself. Speaking to The Huffington Post, Grillo danced around the specifics of his involvement in Captain America: Civil War, though he did have a thing or two to say about the relentless nature of Crossbones as a character.

“Well that’s a great question and obviously if youve seen the winter solider, brock rumlow was in bad shape and that was because of Cap and he’s not happy. I tell you, coming back as Crossbones, his alter ego, he is not a happy guy and there’s nothing that is going to get in the way of him doing what hes setting out to do. Which I can not tell.”

It’s by no means official, but early set photos appeared to reveal that Crossbones’ clash with Cap acts as another global incident during the beginning of the film, spurring the governments of the world into action as they set about establishing a legislation that would ensure that superheroes adhere to a concrete set of rules, effectively stymieing their inhumane abilities. And that, dear friends, sends the rivalry between Cap and Iron Man into overdrive.

Captain America: Civil War blasts into theaters on May 5, 2016. For more on the core heroes – whatever side you stand on – check out some of our coverage from earlier today.