Friday The 13th Star Has A Great Idea For A Monster Squad Sequel

The Monster Squad

The Dark Universe may have imploded in laughable fashion given Universal’s brazen overconfidence, but there’s still plenty of monster-related content in the works at the studio. Off the top of our heads, there are at least a dozen or so projects in various stages of development, which have an eclectic bunch of talents attached.

Chloe Zhao is working on a futuristic sci-fi version of Dracula while Karyn Kusama handles a straightforward adaptation of the classic novel, James Wan is producing Van Helsing with Julius Avery behind the camera, Dexter Fletcher is helming the comedic Renfield, Elizabeth Banks is set to direct and star in The Invisible Woman, Leigh Whannell and Ryan Gosling are reinventing The Wolfman, Paul Feig’s Dark Army is still on the agenda for the filmmaker, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, at this stage, it’s a surprise that nobody’s put much effort into reviving the abandoned remake of The Monster Squad, Shane Black and Fred Dekker’s cult classic that pit a band of plucky kids against some of cinema’s most iconic ghouls. It was once set up at Michael Bay’s Platinum Dunes, who are no strangers to rebooting classic properties, but there’s been no word for a good few years.

The Monster Squad

However, Derek Mears now has a great idea for a sequel. The actor, who played Swamp Thing in the canceled DC Universe series and donned Jason Voorhees’ hockey mask for 2009’s Friday the 13th, revealed his brilliant twist on the formula via Twitter, and you can check it out below.

It’s a fun twist on the concept, and one that would allow The Monster Squad to stay true to its roots while subverting what worked so well the first time out. Perhaps Mears’ tweet could catch the attention of whoever’s currently in control of the rights and make it a reality?