Friday The 13th: Kane Hodder Will Don Two New Jason Masks At Upcoming Con


To the casual moviegoer, there may not be much of a difference in Jason Voorhees’ appearance with each successive Friday the 13th movie. But to those of us who are more familiar with the franchise – or are just paying attention – you’re well aware that he’s adopted various looks over the years. Whether it be overalls or coveralls, or a knapsack or hockey mask, just about every diehard has a favorite iteration to call their own.

Now, if you’ve ever had the privilege of meeting the most prolific actor to have played Jason, Kane Hodder, then you’re aware that he’s not opposed to doing specialized photo ops. But what fans in the American southwest have in store for them will ensure that this summer will truly be one for the books because – get this – Hodder will be wearing two separate Jason masks for the first time!

Before we proceed any further, let’s take a look at what the folks at Phoenix, Arizona’s Mad Monster Party had to say:

“KANE HODDER will don 2 new hockey masks he’s never worn in films or anywhere else before: “SAVINI JASON” and “8-BIT JASON!” in celebration of Gun Media and IllFonic’s AMAZING Friday the 13th: The Game – the greatest gift to the franchise since Kane himself! We’ll present, for the FIRST TIME EVER, Kane as Jason like you’ve never seen him before (he played ALL the Jasons in the game but he never wore these costumes before onscreen or anywhere else)! Of course, Tom Savini will oversee his Savini Jason and he and Kane are as excited as we are to see these versions come to life for the first time ever!”

And, if you want more specifics regarding photo ops, here’s the relevant info:

“Photo ops will be on sale individually but we’ll be offering an even more exclusive, limited edition Friday the13th Ticket that will include BOTH photo ops (Savini Jason on Saturday and 8-Bit Jason on Sunday) as well as a special Friday the 13th “Meet & Greet” with Kane Hodder who will explain to our lucky combo ticket holders why the day is so special to him personally, not just to his alter ego Jason. Obviously, the combo ticket would require a 3 day SHRIEKend pass.”

So, even if Hodder doesn’t get to star in another Friday the 13th film – something he actually hopes to do – it’s pretty great to know that he’ll be able to don two more masks, regardless. To be honest, I’m not sure which is cooler because while the one designed by Tom Savini is so different, the NES-themed one really appeals to me as someone who was a child during that era of gaming. Plus, it’s not often you see a grape-flavored serial killer.

For more on Mad Monster Party, which takes place July 13-15, be sure to visit their official website.