Canned Friday The 13th Sequel Took Place In Winter; Screenwriter Details Cool Jason Scene


Script pages posted by Damian Shannon and Mark Swift have revealed that the canned Friday the 13th sequel was going to be set in the winter, a first for the legendary horror franchise.

This being Friday the 13th, Shannon and Swift decided to strike while the iron is hot to post four pages from the scrapped script, confirming that Paramount’s axed reboot, one that was initially hatched as a continuation of the 2009 remake, would have taken place in the winter season, when Camp Crystal Lake was frozen solid. Now how’s that for a haunting visual?

Other pertinent details include a scene in which Jason Voorhees ventures out onto the frozen Crystal Lake while hunting a rather unfortunate hockey player, which was surely meant to be the first of many blood-curdling kills involving the iconic, masked killer. What’s more, Shannon and Swift envisioned a Friday the 13th sequel that would’ve brought in a new cast of characters (read: hapless, horny teens), as opposed to continuing the story of Whitney (Amanda Righetti) and Clay (Jared Padalecki).

Per Twitter:

Oh, what could have been. Paramount’s long-gestating reboot was formally axed back in February after numerous delays and other production setbacks. Subsequent reports have revealed that the film itself would have released as Friday the 13th: Camp Blood – The Death of Jason Voorhees! And in some alternate timeline, horror fans are currently flocking to see that sequel on the big screen, as it was originally meant to premiere on this very day.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift’s Friday the 13th sequel may be no more, but the franchise’s legacy continues unabated – so much so, in fact, that filmmaker Nick Merola decided to take matters into his own very capable hands to create a timely teaser honoring Jason Voorhees. Elsewhere, the creative minds behind both Stranger Things and New Mutants also struck while the iron was hot to debut two suitably creepy teaser trailers.