Frozen 2 Now The Highest-Grossing Theatrical Sequel In Disney History


Sometimes it’s hard to imagine how a sequel can possibly outdo its predecessor, but there are many notable examples of films that have gone on to outshine their originals. From Aliens to Terminator 2, there’s definitely proof out there that a second movie in a franchise can just do just as well, if not better, than what came before.

Enter Frozen 2, the long-awaited sequel to the Disney classic which recently hit the big screen and – we cannot sugarcoat this – is doing unbelievably well at the box office. So well, in fact, that according to Forbes, the sequel has made a staggering $34 million over Black Friday alone. Overall, meanwhile, the film has now earned more than $287 million across the United States, which makes it the biggest theatrical sequel in Disney’s history.

Of course, Frozen is probably one of the biggest animated movies in recent history, with roughly $1.3 billion accrued in box office receipts, so having a sequel be just as successful is an unbelievable feat. And to think, it may not’ve even happened, as it was obvious to the studio that they didn’t want to pursue a second Frozen film until they were sure there was more story to tell.

Even Josh Gad (who voices Olaf) has said the movie required an immense amount of heart and soul and that it was important that the sequel be an incredible cinematic experience. Over on his Instagram page, he had this to say:

Currently, Frozen 2 is a crazy success story, with talks already underway about a third film in which Elsa takes on a new progressive role. It’s still early days on that front, but we’ll certainly let you know once we learn more about what comes next for the property.

Source: Forbes