Disney Will Release Frozen 2 A Little Earlier Than Expected


Given the cultural phenomenon that Frozen turned out to be, it seems strange that a sequel will ultimately take six years to make it to cinemas, but any Disney fans who’ve been counting down those days may be pleased to hear that we’ll be getting Frozen 2 a little sooner than was previously planned.

According to a new report from Variety, the new release date is November 22nd, 2019. This places the opening just under a week earlier than the previously set date of November 27th, and in what can’t be mere coincidence, this change also ensures that the movie comes out on the six-year anniversary of the first Frozen’s US release.

Despite the lengthy gap between features, Disney has repeatedly returned to the world of Elsa and Anna in the time since, namely through the 2015 short Frozen Fever and last year’s pre-Coco opener Olaf’s Frozen Adventure. The latter of these two projects, however, got the wrong kind of attention when it annoyed viewers who weren’t expecting to sit through 21 minutes of a snowman learning about the holidays before they could get to the film they came to see.


Nonetheless, the hype will definitely run high for this sequel, seeing how the first flick managed to integrate itself into our pop culture landscape at a rate that few, if any, single movies have matched this decade. Even the recent Deadpool 2 saw Ryan Reynolds call out one of the film’s songs for its similarity to an old Barbara Streisand number.

We’ll see how Frozen 2 fares against some lofty expectations when it hits theaters on November 19th, 2019. Until then, you can either take it as a source of dread or excitement that “Let It Go” will soon be once more inescapable.