Frozen 3 Theory Says Kristoff’s Parents May Be Revealed To Be Alive


After Frozen 2‘s success, Frozen 3 is assured to happen at some point. But where could the franchise go from here? Obviously, Elsa and Anna will be at the center of the story of the threequel, but given that the two sisters are fulfilled where they are – Anna as queen of Arendelle, Elsa with the Northuldra people in the forest – it might make sense to focus more on Kristoff, who may still have some baggage to unpack. For instance, the mystery of his parents.

Kristoff’s actually the first main character we meet in Frozen, appearing as a boy. We even see him be taken in by the trolls. The implication is that he’s an orphan with no family until the magical creatures look after him. But what if Kristoff’s parents are actually still alive out there somewhere and they return to find their boy married into royalty in the third film?

ScreenRant has put forward this theory, based on an analysis of the story and themes of the first two. The movies so far have always been about the characters solving the problems of the past to build a stronger future, for instance, which Kristoff discovering his parents and building a relationship with them would continue.

There are different ways this could go, SR suggests. For one, it could dip into the old “the trolls are actually evil” theory and it’s revealed they stole Kristoff from his family as a kid. Alternatively, what if Kristoff’s parents are characters from another Hans Christian Anderson story? This would allow for some fairy tale crossover, which would please fans disappointed that F2 disproved all those Disney connection theories.

Ultimately, giving Kristoff this plotline in Frozen 3 would supply him with a meatier character arc than he had in the last sequel, where he was sidelined from the main plot to some extent. But regardless, let us know if you like the sounds of this theory in the comments section down below.