Frozen 2 Debunks Three Popular Disney Fan Theories


Frozen 2 stormed theaters recently and broke not only every conceivable box office record but also a whole bunch of fan theories that’d been doing the rounds on the internet ever since the release of the original Frozen. Three such theories revolved around the fate of Elsa and Anna’s parents, the King and Queen, who in the original film, sailed from the city of Arendelle and then disappeared in the middle of their voyage, never to be heard from again.

In the sequel, we learn that the King and Queen journeyed to the Dark Sea to attempt to find the answers to Elsa’s powers and how she could control them. While this piece of information is critical to the plot of Frozen 2, it blows several earlier fan theories out of the water. The most popular theory speculated that Elsa’s parents sailed into the African jungle, where they suffered a shipwreck, learned to survive in the wild and gave birth to another Disney character, Tarzan.

The second fan theory, meanwhile, offered a more tangential crossover with two other Disney franchises. It was theorized that the shipwreck that Ariel explores in The Little Mermaid is the remains of the ship that Arendelle’s King and Queen were sailing in before their vessel was attacked by none other than Captain Hook.

Finally, a third fan theory rested on a different scene in the original Frozen, where we see Rapunzel and Flynn from Tangled attending a royal event in Arendelle. This led some fans to believe the King and Queen had been on their way to attend Flynn and Rapunzel’s wedding when their ship met with an accident.

All these theories may have come to naught with the release of Frozen 2, but no doubt the movie’s fandom will have fun coming up with new theories about the icy and magical world of Arendelle based on the fresh additions to the canon revealed by the latest film in the franchise.