Frozen 2 Disproves A Popular Disney Fan Theory


Everyone loves a good fan theory, right? Conspiracies about our favorite franchises can help keep those worlds alive. What’s even more interesting though is when these theories turn out to be true. Speaking of which, have you heard the one about how Disney’s Frozen is connected to Tarzan?

This theory posits that Elsa and Anna’s parents – who disappear in the first film during a shipwreck and whom we don’t see for the rest of the movie – survived the disaster and ended up starting a new life, eventually giving birth to Tarzan himself. Sounds possible, right?

Sadly, it appears that this theory has been shot down by Frozen 2, according to a report from Despite how plausible it may seem (or how badly fans would like it to be true), it turns out there was no way they could’ve birthed Tarzan.

Apparently, Anna and Elsa’s parents actually lied to them, as they told the young girls they were traveling to the south when in fact they were heading north to the Dark Sea to learn more about Elsa’s powers. Long story short: it turns out their parents died, closing off any possibility of the Tarzan theory being true.

With the fate of the parents discovered in Frozen 2, fans will unfortunately have to put this theory to rest for good (or if we’re being really cheesy, they’ll have to just “let it go.”) It’s a bit of a shame, really, but there’s little anyone can add to it when Disney themselves have unearthed the answer.

Frozen 2 was released in cinemas last weekend and despite a terrifying knife fight breaking out in a Birmingham theater the other day, the film’s been doing extremely well for itself, now sitting at $358.5 million worldwide.