9 Crazy Movie Fan Theories That Turned Out To Be True


It’s a movie fan’s prerogative to obsess over their favorite films and analyze them to find out new meanings, easter eggs or connections that aren’t immediately obvious. The internet’s full of wild fan theories that, even if they don’t hold up to too much scrutiny, are a testament to how much the pic in question inspired viewers to dig deeper and uncover its secrets.

On a few special occasions, however, the fans actually get it right and reveal a hidden truth in their favorite movies. Sometimes it’s because the filmmakers have subtly seeded clues in there that diligent folks have pieced together to form the message that the director was trying to get across. Other times, the fan theory’s just so good that the creators have retroactively made it canon because it’s too smart not to use.

And so, on that note, here are a few of the most notable fan theories that came true in everything from Disney flicks to Marvel movies to Tarantino hits. If we’ve forgotten a juicy one, or if you have a fan theory of your own that you think is convincing, make sure to sound off in the comments section down below.