Full Cast For New Wrong Turn Movie Revealed, Matthew Modine To Star


The Wrong Turn franchise hasn’t ever been a well respected horror series, but it has shown itself to be pretty sustainable over the years, delivering a total of six films between 2003 and 2014. Now, the carnage will continue with yet another outing currently in production.

Yes, as you may’ve heard, Constantin Film – the studio behind the Resident Evil movies – is bringing us a new chapter in this series that revolves around an inbred family of cannibalistic mountain men from West Virginia. Mike P. Nelson, director of the acclaimed post-apocalyptic thriller The Domestics, will be behind the camera and in what may sound like a familiar premise, the movie will feature a group of friends who embark on a hiking trip through the Appalachian Trail.

It’s here that they come into contact with “The Foundation,” a community who’ve been residing in the mountains for many decades and these unexpected visitors aren’t exactly welcomed into their home with open arms. But who can we expect to see in front of the camera bringing the characters to life?

Wrong Turn

For a while, that’s remained a mystery, but the listing on IMDb has now been updated and it includes a few nice surprises, with the following actors and actresses all set to be involved:

Matthew Modine (“Stranger Things”, 47 Meters Down), Damian Maffei (The Strangers: Prey at Night, Haunt), Bill Sage (“Hap and Leonard”), Emma Dumont (“The Gifted”), Valerie Jane Parker (“Greenleaf”), Chaney Morrow (Haunt) and David Hutchinson (“American Horror Story”).

Dylan McTee, Adrian Favela, Adain Bradley, Jeremy Ambler, Cory Scott Allen, Gary Ray Stearns, Rhyan Elizabeth Hanavan, Vardaan Arora, Mark Mench, Joshua Stephen Campbell, Jennie Malone, Brian James Fitzpatrick and Mark Angel also star.

The original Wrong Turn, which starred Desmond Harrington and Eliza Dushku, didn’t exactly go down too well with critics but managed to pull in $28.7 million at the worldwide box office off a $12.6 million budget, and as mentioned above, has spawned five straight-to-home release sequels.

How this next entry into the franchise will turn out remains to be seen, but it’s probably safe to say that if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve seen from the property up until this point, the next Wrong Turn movie will likely leave you feeling satisfied.