Future Marvel Cinematic Universe Phases May Have Their Own Mini-Arcs


I don’t know about you, but I still find it amazing to think about all the Marvel Cinematic Universe has accomplished in the past eleven years. Really, the fact that anybody in Hollywood was able to stick to a plan that involved twenty-plus movies and saw it all the way through is nothing short of a miracle. Furthermore, the cherry on top was the beautiful (sort of) finale that was Avengers: Endgame.

Of course, our collective interest in this brand isn’t just going to hit a proverbial dead end, as I’m sure most of us are already looking toward the future with much optimism. From the sound of it though, we shouldn’t expect any more story arcs that span a decade or more. Instead, we’re told that “mini-arcs” will be the norm from now on.

As always, it’s advised that you take these rumors with a grain of salt, but it’s been pointed out by various outlets how “Roger Wardell” has proven to be a reliable inside source in the past. Because of his track record, we’re willing to give more credence to this “mini-arcs” jazz, in addition to the claim that there’ll be more of a divide between heroes operating on Earth and those of the cosmic variety going forward. In other words, don’t expect for Shang-Chi to crossover with, say, Nova anytime soon.

If you were to ask me, these shorter arcs could still culminate in a big blockbuster not unlike those we’ve already grown accustomed to. The old guard may have moved on in a sense, sure, but the door is wide open for the likes of Dark Avengers, New Avengers and Young Avengers. If you’re in need of boning up on those concepts, it’s highly recommended that you start picking up some trade paperbacks at your local comic book shop – especially if it’s something written by Brian Michael Bendis.

Aside from New Avengers, I really do think Dark Avengers could be adapted to the silver screen, considering that Norman Osborn is supposedly set to serve as a major villain in Phase 4. If you’re familiar with the source material, then you’re aware of how his assembling villains under the guise of heroes went far beyond concepts such as the Thunderbolts or Suicide Squad. I’d definitely pay to see it.

Tell us, are you cool with shorter arcs being explored in the Marvel Cinematic Universe from here on out? And are you down with different sorts of Avengers teams being introduced? Sound off in the usual place below!