Tom Holland And Robert Downey Jr. Star In Back To The Future Remake Fan Poster


With the never-ending parade of remakes, reimaginings and re-releases, it’s become quite clear that Hollywood will continue to push out new versions of older movies – as long as they remain profitable, that is. While the trend has been pushed along thanks to Disney’s suite of live-action remakes, it seems like some beloved franchises have managed to avoid going down this route, and that includes one of our favorite sci-fi series.

Say what you want about how fast and loose they play with the concept of time travel, but the Back to the Future films were some of the best of their era, and their appeal certainly hasn’t died down in the decades since. Bob Gale, who co-created the series with director Robert Zemeckis, has served as the “gatekeeper of the franchise” since its inception, and as we recently reported, has turned down all offers he’s received to greenlight a remake.

In fact, we even caught wind of the news that Tom Holland himself has had discussions about starring in a potential remake/reboot, but it looks like plans for a fourth movie have since died down. However, that hasn’t stopped some talented artists from reimagining the franchise’s beloved characters with entirely new actors at the helm.

As you can see down below, digital artist ApexForm recently shared a fan poster that casts Tom Holland as Marty McFly and Robert Downey Jr. as Doc Brown. Personally, RDJ looks a little too happy in the rendering, but overall, it’s a fairly solid attempt.

This particular poster aside, we’re thrilled that there’s no remake on the way, but with the franchise celebrating its 35th anniversary in July, we wouldn’t be opposed to a Back to the Future 4K UHD re-release. As for everybody else, tell us, what would you want to see from the upcoming anniversary? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

Source: Instagram