Gal Gadot Celebrates Batman Day With Justice League Set Video

Batman Day always falls on the third Saturday of September, which means that this September 18th has seen DC fans flock to social media to share their love for the Dark Knight. Over the years, Batman Day has become a bigger and bigger deal, going from just a fan-led thing to something acknowledged by Warner Bros. and the stars of the DC universe.

Case in point, Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot has marked the special occasion with a throwback set video from her time shooting Justice League. The short clip sees Gadot, in full costume as the princess of Themyscira, donning Ben Affleck’s Batman cowl, transforming her into WonderBatWoman.

DC fans will probably have seen the photo of Gadot in the cowl that’s been circulating online for years, so it’s cool to finally get the context behind that pic. “Bringing out my inner bat,” Gadot wrote, before adding: “Happy Batman day!” See the tweet below:

This is certainly a Batman Day to celebrate as the year ahead promises to be very kind to Bat-fans. 2022 is set to deliver three separate incarnations of the Caped Crusader on the big screen. March finally sees The Batman land, featuring Robert Pattinson’s debut in the cape and cowl. Then, in November, The Flash movie includes both Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne and Michael Keaton, reprising his legendary role for the first time in 30 years.

As for Gadot, it’s currently unclear when we’ll be seeing her as Diana Prince soon. Wonder Woman 3 is in the works, but the actress is one of the busiest in Hollywood so it might take a while. She’ll next grace the screen in Netflix’s action-comedy Red Notice, in which she stars opposite fellow DCEU icon Dwayne Johnson and ex-Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds. Check that out this from November 12th.

Before that, though, Batman fans can look forward to WB unleashing a new trailer for The Batman at DC FanDome on October 16th.