Gal Gadot Reportedly Getting Over $20M And Creative Control For Wonder Woman 3

Wonder Woman 1984

Not long after Wonder Woman was released, people were up in arms when reports started making the rounds that Gal Gadot had only been paid $300,000 for playing the title character. While that was a decent figure for what was just the second leading role of her career after Israeli sports comedy Kicking Out Shoshana, and only $200,000 less than Robert Downey Jr. earned for Iron Man, the fury came from comparisons to the $14 million Henry Cavill picked up for Man of Steel.

The furor died down, though, after the news filtered through that $300,000 was just a base salary, and the two stars were making comparative money when performance-related bonuses were factored in, with Gadot picking up a hefty increase for the sequel after Wonder Woman did better than Man of Steel both critically and commercially.

In addition to taking a producing credit on Wonder Woman 1984, the leading lady’s flat rate was bumped up to $10 million. Not only that, but she was also rewarded with the same figure again after Warner Bros. gave her a bonus following the decision to send the movie to HBO Max on the same day it hit theaters.

Now, insider Daniel Richtman is claiming that the 35 year-old is set to earn over $20 million for Wonder Woman 3 and will have creative control on the project as well, which is similar to the deal that she already had for the second installment given that Patty Jenkins has been vocal about how heavily Gadot was involved in the creative process from the very beginning.

When you add that onto the $20 million she’s getting for Netflix’s Red Notice and another eight-figure deal for starring in espionage blockbuster Heart of Stone, it seems that the actress is set to cement her status as one of the highest-paid movie stars on the planet over the next couple of years.