Gal Gadot Reportedly Likely To Exit DCEU After Wonder Woman 3

According to insider Daniel Richtman, actress Gal Gadot is likely to leave the DCEU after Wonder Woman 3 arrives.

Gal Gadot could be planning to exit the DCEU after just one more movie. The Wonder Woman star has been one of the franchise’s trinity of leads since making her first appearance as Diana Prince in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, going on to reprise her role in two solo adventures and two versions of Justice League. But Gadot may be ready to don her Amazonian tiara for the last time in Wonder Woman 3.

Insider Daniel Richtman has shared that the actress is likely to step away from the DCEU after doing one more standalone feature as the immortal princess. And while this is just a rumor at this stage, it would make a lot of sense. Marvel actors such as Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans bowed out of the superhero game after about a decade in their roles and given that WW3 isn’t exactly being fast-tracked right now, it’ll no doubt arrive over 10 years since Gadot was originally cast as Diana back in December 2013. It adds up that she would look to move on after all that time connected to the character, then.

“Gal likely to step away from WW role after WW3,” says Richtman.

This rumor also echoes comments the actress has made before about what we can expect from the threequel. Gadot revealed that she would like WW3 to provide “closure,” which presumably means she intends it to be the last time she portrays Wondy. According to reports, the next movie could be grittier and darker than the mostly bright and shiny Wonder Woman 1984, and may also take Diana back to her native Themyscira, which would be a smart way of bringing her journey to an end.

Given how busy the director is with other projects, including her Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron, Patty Jenkins isn’t necessarily locked in to helm this next film, though fans would no doubt want her to return so that both Gadot and Jenkins can conclude the trilogy they’ve crafted together from the beginning. WW84 received a mix reception, sure, but hopefully Wonder Woman 3 will come closer to the acclaim of the original, especially if it’s Gadot’s final DCEU outing.

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