Wonder Woman 3 Reportedly Returning To Themyscira, Will Be Gritty And Serious

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 was a dumpster fire. I had low expectations after reading the reviews, but I didn’t expect it to approach Batman & Robin territory. Whether it’s the nonsensical plot, the lack of action, the shockingly poor special effects (I now feel bad for having criticized The CW’s The Flash), the half-assed script or that Gal Gadot was wooden as hell throughout, this was objectively a stone-cold stinker. All of which makes it concerning that Warner Bros. is reportedly very happy with the movie and are fast-tracking Wonder Woman 3.

That was only announced a few days ago, but scooper Mikey Sutton is already out of the blocks with some plot information and news on the tone. For starters, he’s claiming that the threequel will mostly take place on Diana’s home island of Themyscira, that it’ll be “serious and gritty” and the primary villain will be Circe (best known for turning her enemies into pigs).

With Wonder Woman 1984 having been in the can for over a year before its release, I suppose it’s possible that script work for a third instalment began during 2020 and details are only being revealed now. But that being said, I wouldn’t put much stock in this as it sounds like wish fulfilment for all the criticisms of the last film. Then again, who knows?

Warner Bros. are apparently eager to get this out as soon as they can, though that’s complicated by Patty Jenkins beginning work on Rogue Squadron, which is due in December 2023. I simply don’t think there’s enough time to fit in filming Wonder Woman 3 before then, so expect the third outing to land at some point in 2024.

Then again, once the dust settles on Wonder Woman 1984, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see someone else taking over directorial duties from Jenkins. True, Warner Bros. has said she’ll be back, but if she’s biffed it this badly once, who’s to say she won’t do it again?