Gal Gadot Shows Off Her New Wonder Woman Muscles


If I could sum up the Batman vs. Superman casting in one word, it would be: divisive. Think about it, has there been a film in recent memory that’s suffered as much backlash about its casting decisions as this movie has? First came the bombshell that Ben Affleck will be playing Batman, then Fast & Furious star Gal Gadot signed on as Wonder Woman. Most recently, Jesse Eisenberg was announced as Superman’s nemesis, Lex Luthor. Every casting choice has come under fire and now, one of the film’s stars is firing back.

From her acting chops to her physique, when it came to playing the Amazonian warrior on screen Gal Gadot was heavily criticized. Many pointed out that she wasn’t “buff” enough for the part, a fact that many seem to have forgotten is something that can easily be fixed, especially considering Snyder’s track record of beefing up his starts. Just look at pictures of Henry Cavill in Immortals compared to Man of Steel. Pretty impressive, to say the least.

Gadot, for the most part, has remained tight lipped about the role, only doing an interview or two overseas. Today, however, she posted the image above on her Facebook page, saying, “There’s nothing like a good workout in the morning… Love it! You?”

The picture is undoubtedly aimed at the critics who felt she was too lean for the part, and it’s clear that the actress has been spending some time at the gym to remedy that. Whether or not you agree with her casting or not is another story, but it’s good to see that she’s hard at work and in good spirits as production on Batman vs. Superman draws nearer.

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