Gal Gadot Tweets Stunning New Wonder Woman Poster

With Wonder Woman now just a couple of months away, the hype machine is moving into overdrive. Helping fuel it is star Gal Gadot, who’s been busy Tweeting clips, promos and behind-the-scenes photos from the production. Now, with a fresh trailer rumored to be imminent (possibly premiering during tomorrow’s Kids Choice Awards), she’s released a simply stunning one sheet.

There’s been a steady trickle of rumors that Wonder Woman suffers from the same muddled style that left Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad with a frosty critical reception (though it didn’t stop them making truckloads of money), but regardless of the actual film’s quality, this is one fine piece of poster design. From the warm colors through to the striking beachside composition and bold tagline “WONDER,” right down to the character’s appropriately classical statue, it’s a downright beautiful image.

I really hope Patty Jenkins’ take on the most famous superheroine is great. It’s been about a decade since the double-whammy of suck that was Elektra and Catwoman, flops of such magnitude that they scared studios from producing any female fronted superhero actioner until now. Gadot was one of the best things about Batman V Superman, so we already know that she’s got the iron will and determination you need to play Diana of Themyscira. Let’s just pray to Zeus that her solo film turns out to be a winner. The DC Extended Universe could really use a critical and financial success right now, so let’s stay optimistic and hope it gets one.

We’ll know for sure on June 2nd, when Wonder Woman opens nationwide.