New Wonder Woman Trailer Coming This Saturday


It’s been a long time coming, but the next, and presumably final trailer for Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman will finally be with us this weekend. Though many expected it to storm into theaters on Friday alongside Kong: Skull Island, it’s actually going to be debuting in a far less likely place: at the Kids Choice Awards this Saturday, which will air on Nickelodeon.

We know, that doesn’t make too much sense, but apparently Gal Gadot and Chris Pine will be on hand to make an appearance and commercials playing on the network have been teasing a footage reveal. Warner Bros. hasn’t confirmed this just yet, but we learned last month that a new trailer had already been classified, so it’s definitely coming soon and if the two stars are going to be at the awards show this weekend, then that’s probably where the new preview will debut.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that this will just be a quick clip, with the actual trailer being saved for later. Without confirmation from the studio though, it’s hard to say for sure what’s going to be shown off at the Kids Choice Awards. Either way, we certainly advise tuning in, as this could be the last proper look we get at Wonder Woman before its June debut.

It’s going to be an important bit of promotional material, too, as a lot of people are on the fence about the film at the moment, given some concerning reports that have surfaced and the DCEU’s track record so far. Whatever the studio shows off here, they better hope that it gets fans on board. After all, if Warner Bros. strikes out again, it’s going to be near impossible to turn things around, even if Justice League ends up being a home run – which, let’s face it, it probably won’t be.

As such, all eyes will be on this new trailer for Wonder Woman to see what the hero’s first solo outing on the big screen will bring to the table. Can it deliver on the monumental amount of pressure being placed upon it? We’ll find out soon enough.