Final Wonder Woman Trailer Might Arrive With Logan


In case you didn’t get the memo, Logan is awesome. Like, really awesome. A formidable, fitting finale to Hugh Jackman’s long-running personification of the endearing superhero character, the movie itself is worth the price of admission alone. But if you need extra incentive, you’ve got it today. That’s because James Mangold’s threequel might also bring with it the final trailer for a completely different 2017 superhero film, if from another studio: Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman.

Screen Rant is reporting that the new preview will clock in at about 1:06, which is quite short, so don’t expect to see too much new footage here. Still, it could be our last look at the film before it hits theaters later this summer and with so much riding on the upcoming solo outing, fans are understandably eager to get another tease of what’s in store for them.

While Wonder Woman doesn’t hail from Fox, the plan to show its new trailer along with Logan does make sense. There’s certainly going to be some overlap between those in the audience and this type of stuff happens quite often, and usually works out pretty well. We’re not sure yet what exactly will be on display in the new preview, but if it’s going to arrive on March 3rd in theaters, then expect it to debut online a few days before that. So, not too much longer to wait then.

Tell us, do you have high hopes for Wonder Woman? Or has the current direction of the DC Extended Universe soured you on future films? Take to the comments section and share your thoughts!

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