Gal Gadot’s Husband Threw Part Of Her Finger In The Garbage Disposal


Gal Gadot is no stranger to a bit of rough and tumble, having served as a combat fitness instructor in the Israeli army during her two years of mandatory military service, before going on to become one of the biggest stars in Hollywood thanks almost entirely to the action genre.

Having made her feature film debut in the fourth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise, the actress also appeared in the fifth and sixth entries, and lent some support in Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s Knight and Day, before landing her career-defining role as Diana Prince in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman.

In addition to headlining a sequel and co-starring in Justice League, Gadot has Netflix’s mega budget blockbuster Red Notice alongside Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Reynolds set for release later this year as well, while the streamer will produce and distribute her espionage thriller Heart of Stone, which is planned to launch a multi-film series.

Despite having such extensive training when it comes to taking part in dangerous onscreen activities, though, the 35 year-old suffered a pretty serious injury from the comfort of her own home, after revealing that a mishap during some afternoon drinking ended up with Gadot’s husband throwing part of her finger in the garbage disposal.

“The early days of pandemic when you start drinking mimosas or sangria or whatever at 11 am, so I did that, and then I decided I’m gonna make a cabbage salad because that’s what one whats to do, so I started to chop the thing, and I chopped the top of my finger. Yaron [Varsano] went to the chopping board and he held the finger, and he got so disgusted that he threw it into the garbage disposal. Then we were both like, ‘What are we doing?!’. It was a mess. We were a mess. Then I stopped cooking and stopped drinking.”

After all the fight sequences and explosions she’s had to deal with during her career so far, which included shooting Wonder Woman‘s standout No Man’s Land scene while five months pregnant, it was a cabbage salad that saw Gal Gadot lose the top of a finger. You can’t make this stuff up, but it’s safe to assume that she won’t be mixing alcohol with knife prep again.