Galaxy Quest Is Now Streaming Online For Free

Galaxy Quest

A movie that earned just over $90 million at the box office on a $45 million budget isn’t typically the kind of project that finds the core creative team spending over two decades trying to make a sequel happen, but Galaxy Quest isn’t exactly your typical sci-fi comedy.

Star Trek fans voted it as the seventh-best movie in the entire franchise back in 2013, which gives you some sort of indication as to how enduringly popular Dean Parisot’s cult classic has remained since in first hit theaters in 1999. A lot of comedies tend to poke fun at their subjects, but Galaxy Quest embraces the weird and wonderful world of sci-fi television, diehard fandom, the convention circuit and more without the humor ever being mocking or condescending.

Galaxy Quest

A second feature-length installment for the crew of the NSEA Protector and a small screen spinoff were in the works and gaining some serious momentum before the death of star Alan Rickman in 2016. However, Tim Allen recently reiterated his desire to see Galaxy Quest 2 happen when he admitted he still hadn’t given up on the idea, while Sigourney Weaver outlined an even more meta twist for the planned TV series that would have seen the original lineup brought in for a reboot alongside a younger cast.

There are a lot of variables preventing it from happening unfortunately, but the good news for fans is that Galaxy Quest is now streaming for free on YouTube Movies. Maybe if enough people revisit the film online and leave comments voicing their support for more adventures, it might give the development process a little boost of encouragement. In any case, the chance to stream the original for no additional cost is surely enough to generate some solid viewing numbers.