Game Of Thrones Star Emilia Clarke To Lead Voice From The Stone


Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has signed on to lead a 1950s-set psychological thriller titled Voice From The Stone, which will be an adaptation of Silvio Raffo’s award-winning novel, La Voce Della Pietra. The film will follow a nurse, presumably the role that Clarke will take on, who helps a young boy after his mother suddenly passes away. However, she soon becomes “ensnared by a malevolent force inside the family’s castle.”

Directing will be Eric D. Howell (making his debut) and on scripting duties is Andrew Shaw. Currently, the film is set to go in front of cameras this November in Italy. Clarke is the only confirmed cast member so far, though I imagine that we’ll be hearing more about the supporting roles in the coming months.

While I admittedly don’t think that this project in particular sounds terribly exciting, I’d be lying if I said that I wasn’t interested in it. Clarke is one of my favorite young actresses and anything that she’s in I’m more than willing to give a watch. After breaking out on HBO’s hit fantasy show, she is now well on her way to the A-list and with an upcoming lead role in Terminator: Genesis, her star is only going to keep getting bigger.

Though Voice From The Stone may not sound like the most original or unique thriller on paper, Clarke’s presence will no doubt lend a lot to the film and could turn it into a worthy piece of entertainment.

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Source: Deadline