Gamers are nervous that Netflix is making a live-action Mega Man

Mega Man 11 Artwork

Mega Man is an iconic videogame character. Ever since he made his debut in 1987, the robot has become the cornerstone of a massive franchise that includes over 50 different videogames spanning multiple console generations, many legendary comic books, and several animated TV series. However, news of a Netflix-produced live-action Mega Man movie has fans nervous. 

While Netflix has made a name for itself as a producer of high-quality original content, its live-action adaptations of Japanese franchises have been notoriously hit or miss. Recently, Netflix’s adaptation of Cowboy Bebop divided fans, with many critics saying the show didn’t live up to the original series’ legacy. 

So, many Mega Man fans have taken to Twitter to express their worries about the upcoming series. Many are drawing comparisons to the recently canceled Cowboy Bebop, specifically its clunky dialogue. One user mocked this by editing the infamous “you are black, and you are male” line from Bebop and turning it into “You are Mega, and you are Man,” captioning it as “leaked dialogue for Netflix’s live-action Mega Man.”

Some users are using classic memes to show that, while they’re not against a live-action Mega Man movie, the fact that Netflix is behind it makes them exceptionally nervous due to the company’s reputation. 

However, some users are optimistic about the series. While Netflix has had a rocky history with anime adaptations, it has created some extremely well-reviewed series based on video games, including Castlevania and The Witcher. One user said that “if anybody can do Mega Man justice, it’s them.”

Some mocked the announcement by posting the original game’s terrible American box art. This box features an infamously ugly version of Mega Man, and users are joking that this will be what Mega Man will look like in live-action. Many users are also posting the character’s winning animation from Street Fighter X Tekken, as the game included the infamous meme as a bonus joke character. 

Of course, the internet starts fan casting immediately after every movie announcement. Mega Man is no exception, and fans are already wondering who will play the titular fighting robot. Some are suggesting their favorite actors, while others are posting joke options. In fact, many are suggesting that Chris Pratt should take the role, referencing the controversial choice to cast him as Mario in the upcoming Super Mario Brothers movie. This trend has included people photoshopping Pratt’s face into Mega Man’s iconic blue helmet. 

We’ll have to wait and see what form the new Mega Man movie takes. But one thing is for certain; fans will be waiting for more news with bated breath, keen to see just how well this legendary character translates to the big screen.