Netflix’s live-action ‘Cowboy Bebop’ canceled after one season

Less than a month since its debut, Netflix canceled its highly anticipated live-action adaptation of the iconic anime series Cowboy Bebop.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series that debuted to a lukewarm reaction will not be getting a second season as many had thought would be the case.

While there was no concrete reason for this cancellation noted in the report, The Hollywood Reporter did hint that the poor reception that the show received may have been a driving factor in its cancellation.

“The decision was made by balancing the show’s viewership and cost.”

Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop had a ton of hype behind it prior to launch and a stellar cast at the helm; however, once it aired, the negative reviews began to pile in, with many indicating that the show had failed to capture the magic of its anime source material.

The ten-episode series told a compelling story for its characters; however, the finale left things off on a cliffhanger. There was much more to expand on, including the last-second introduction of a major character from the anime.

With its cancellation, it seems we won’t be getting any continuation on this story; however, the debut season will remain available for users to stream on Netflix for the foreseeable future.

Ultimately it seems this ambitious take on Cowboy Bebop never got off its feet. However, Netflix will take another leap into the realm of anime adaptions with their One Piece project. Hopefully, this will garner more positive reactions.