Gangster Squad Rescheduled For January 2013

In light of the shooting tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, Warner Bros. is opting not only to reshoot the potentially sensitive movie theater shootout in Reuben Fleischer’s Gangster Squad but also shift the film’s release date to January 11. This move will give the studio time to film a new sequence, as well as generally distancing itself from the unfortunate buzz currently swirling around the feature.

Originally slated for a September 7 release, Gangster Squad would be hard-pressed to meet that date considering the apparent importance of the scene in question. Another, narratively similar sequence will be filmed to replace the bloody spectacle which depicted gun-toting gangsters shooting through a movie screen. This date shift will also give it distance from Lawless, another period crime thriller which is to hit theaters on August 31.

Even though it seems excessive to go through all these changes when we’re talking about Hollywood fiction, I wholeheartedly understand the move on Warner Bros.’ part and their overall sensitively in the matter is commendable. The studio hasn’t officially confirmed the date of January 11, but is expected to make an announcement later today. If that turns out to be the case, Gangster Squad will open opposite Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters.

Source: Deadline