Gareth Evans Explains Why He Won’t Make The Raid 3


Well, it looks like those hoping for The Raid 3 to release and round out the well-regarded action series from director Gareth Evans are just plain out of luck. While speaking to press at Fantastic Fest in Texas, the 38-year-old confirmed it won’t happen.

Explaining that he had some ideas for it at one point and even knew what the plot would be, Evans said that at the moment, he’s not likely to go back and revisit the franchise.

The Raid 3 was… at one point it was on my radar. I had a full idea. I know what the story line would have been. But I think enough time has passed now that I think I’m not likely to go back and revisit it. We had a lot of fun making those films, and I think we came to a nice, sort of natural conclusion with [The Raid 2]. And I think sometimes you can have a little bit too much of a good thing.”

For those unfamiliar with what’s now an official duology, The Raid and The Raid 2 follow an elite team of Indonesian law enforcement officers as they deal with criminals in the city of Jakarta. They both feature some of the greatest action sequences ever put on film and, if you didn’t notice them before, much of the team who worked on the stunts in these movies played the pointless gang which gets eaten in Star Wars: The Force Awakens shortly after Han Solo and Chewbacca reappear.

Solid choice there Disney, absolutely a “solid” choice.


While it’s unfortunate that we won’t see more of this amazing series, it’s probably a good thing at the end of the day. Not everything needs to be endlessly stretched out and, as acclaimed television show Breaking Bad showed us, sometimes, things just reach their end.

What do you think, though? Are you sad to see The Raid 3 join Stanley Kubrick’s Napoleon, the 00’s live-action Batman Beyond and other projects in the realm of potentially amazing but never finished films? Sound off in the comments section below with your thoughts.

Source: CinemaBlend