Gary Busey Joins Piranha 3DD Plus Some Plot Details Revealed

Piranha 3D was crazy, the whole idea of doing a sequel is even more crazy and the notion of Gary Busey being among the cast is crazier. But it’s true. Gary Busey has indeed joined in on what promises to be, for bad or good, an insane movie. Piranha 3DD is currently shooting and prepping for a November start date and is this time set in a water park. So man-eating piranhas in 3D in a water park. And with Busey meeting a possible sticky end. I’m sold.

Busey joins a cast of newcomers to the franchise, after most the cast were eaten in the last instalment, it stars Danielle PanabakerMatt BushChris ZylkaDavid Koechner, and Megan Tandy. As well as a bunch of relative unknowns, these folks will arrive on screen Thanksgiving weekend, November 23rd. It will be competing against Hugo Cabret for your 3D attention. (First Showing)