Terry Crews Wants To Do A Gears Of War Movie With Dave Bautista

Gears of War

We know MCU mainstay Dave Bautista (Blade Runner 2049, Avengers: Infinity War) is all for a live-action Gears of War movie – hell, the Drax actor is adamant he’s done everything in his power to land the coveted role of Marcus Fenix, grizzled hero of Microsoft’s juggernaut franchise and the greatest threat the Locusts have ever faced.

That’s all well and good, but there’s still no sign of tangible movement from Universal – no casting announcements, no location shooting, nada – who merely confirmed plans to launch Gears of War onto the big screen back in 2016. Three years later, and it appears Bautista is still no closer to landing his dream role.

But if nothing else, the former WWE favorite has certainly planted the seeds, and it wasn’t long before Gears fans began filling out their wishlist for the long-in-development movie. So, assuming Bautista does land the role of Fenix, folks are now calling for Terry Crews (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) to pick up arms as Augustus Cole. And it seems the fan-favorite is keen on the idea.

Over on Twitter, Crews admitted he’d “very much” like to see a Gears of War movie with Dave Bautista’s name on the masthead. Of course, in this hypothetical scenario proposed by Stephen Ford, he’s right there along with him, fending off the Locust threat with a lancer assault rifle in one hand and a chainsaw in the other.

If you’re a follower of Crews, you’ll no doubt remember his venture into the video game world for Crackdown 3 (otherwise known as the “Terry Crews simulator”), another long-awaited title that spent years languishing in development hell. Alas, the end result failed to meet expectations, but this potential Gears of War movie offers Crews another chance to wade into the pixelated world of video games – even if the final product is destined for cinemas.

But what say you? Is Terry Crews a good fit for Gears of War? He’s certainly amassed enough action experience thanks to The Expendables franchise, but would he make a good Augustus Cole? We’ll leave that one for you.

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