Geoff Johns Doesn’t Sound Too Confident In A Wonder Woman Sequel


To say that there’s a lot riding on Wonder Woman would be a massive understatement. Not only does it have the pressure that comes along with being a female-led superhero film, but it’s also the first chance for Warner Bros. to turn the DC Extended Universe around after both Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad failed to impress (with critics, at least). Right now, it’s hard to say how the Gal Gadot-led flick will turn out, as we’ve heard early buzz of both the negative and positive variety, but we will admit that everything that’s been shown off so far from the tentpole certainly looks quite promising.

That’s why it was pretty surprising then when DC head honcho Geoff Johns seemingly showed a lack of confidence in the property earlier this weekend at WonderCon. During a panel at the convention, he was asked if fans can expect to see a sequel to Wonder Woman, and while we wouldn’t expect him to outright announce such a thing at this point, he simply responded with, “I can’t confirm that.”

Now, that statement could be taken at face value – perhaps Johns isn’t allowed to speak about a sequel and literally cannot confirm it. But as is always the case with these things, the internet has already begun to form some alternate theories, and it’s not hard to see why. After all, that’s not the most confident of answers.

Again, no one expected him to give a definitive yes in regards to if there will be another Wonder Woman film, but he could have at least alluded to it, or sounded a bit more positive about the prospect of seeing a sequel. That’s something we get from Marvel, and other studios, all the time, so there’s no reason Johns couldn’t have given a similar answer. Instead, his reply seems to indicate that he doesn’t think Wonder Woman will be a big hit, or that the studio is still unsure about how it will do and needs to wait and see before confirming anything.

Again, people might be reading into this too much, but these are all valid points to consider. While we wouldn’t say any of this is cause for concern, it does have us feeling a bit apprehensive about Patty Jenkins’ upcoming blockbuster. Sure, the footage looks great, but it’s not hard to sell a bad movie with a well put together trailer. At this point, there’s been too many iffy reports about the film to leave us with full confidence in it.

Still, we’ll remain hopeful that Wonder Woman ends up being the one that gets the DC Extended Universe back on track. Even after several misfires, we still feel that there’s a lot of potential here for this cinematic universe to become something truly special, and we really hope that it does.