10 Things We Love About The DC Extended Universe


Warner Brothers likely wasn’t expecting their much-anticipated DC Extended Universe to be as controversial and divisive as it’s proven to be. Starting with 2013’s Man of Steel all the way up to last August’s Suicide Squad, audience reactions have ranged from those who would stab these movies if they were a person to those would fight anyone to the death to defend Batman V Superman. Never before have audience members been so at odds with how they feel about a film universe, but is either side actually right?

The problem remains that there’s no inherently correct side. Many of the complaints from the DCEU’s detractors boils down to personal preference. “Jesse Eisenberg is not MY Lex Luthor!” “The Joker shouldn’t have tattoos!” “Flash looks like a Power Ranger!” There ARE legitimate criticisms levied at the films from critics, but the prominence of personal opinion/preferences has overpowered the actual criticisms, leading to people just calling the movies “garbage” or saying that Zack Snyder is the worst director ever, instead of offering legitimate ways for the movies to improve.

More importantly than that, they’re purposely ignoring any of the films’ positives in favor of casting them in a negative light with the flaws that they perceive. And so, we’ve decided to put together this list to give the DCEU some well deserved props that it doesn’t always receive. It’s in no way perfect, but here are 10 reasons we still love it and are excited to see what’s to come.